Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

I'm a bad blogger - I gripe about my crisis and then leave you hanging for days.  The desk turned out great. Gene (the maintenance) guy worked some magic and you can't even tell where he cut it.  I actually have a before picture somewhere so when I get back to work on Tuesday I'll take an after picture for you. 
I'm away this weekend.  This post is actually coming to you from Maryland via my Aunt's laptop. I'm currently sitting on the deck looking out over the Chesapeake Bay.  I've got to get wireless Internet at home this ROCKS!  I don't have my camera cord with so pictures will have to wait until I get back. 
I started my sockapalooza sock. It's awesome! I had the perfect yarn in my stash and I started it this morning on the way down.  I'm just about ready to turn the heel - traffic was a nightmare. Whose bright idea was it to travel on Memorial Day weekend??  Hope you guys have a great weekend.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Desk Disaster!

Way back in December I got to order a new desk for my office at work. I was super excited cuz my desk is from like 1940 it's old and tired and small and crappy. Due to budgets and whatnot I had to wait and wait and wait for my new furniture.  It finally came today.
Yea!! Finally!!...... NOT!
I'm about to have a breakdown over this thing. Some genius ordered me a 60" return.  The return is the little desk that attaches to the side of the main desk. That means that I've got about 36 inches of too much desk.  The company wont take it back so now the boys in maintenance are chopping up my brand new desk with a flippin' CIRCULAR SAW!!!  In the meantime I'm sitting around doing nothing cuz my desk is in pieces and my work is in boxes.  I'm having a fabulous 

Friday, May 18, 2007

Straight vs. Curly

Edited to fix photo

I got my hair cut yesterday and I let my hairdresser blow it straight. Today I'm getting comments like "WOW you look great today," "what did you do with your hair? It's fantastic!" "Your hair looks amazing, it's really sexy like that." Being a typical girl the ego snacks are really making my day. However I can't help but wonder - does my hair look like ass every other day? Is straight hair sexier than curly hair? I have wonderful natural curls. They behave with only a little bit of effort on my part and require very little care. I love my curls but when people go nuts over my straightened locks I always question my decision not to blow my hair out every day. I know plenty of curly headed women that do blow their hair out all the time and I admire their devotion to the hair dryer, but that's a devotion I just can't commit to. Yet when people gush like their doing today I wonder if I should.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Watch out I might break blogger...

Third post in a week - must be a record.
I've got a question for the peanut gallery. My cousin has just asked me to be the Godmother for his son. The baptism is June 24.  Think I should make him a Christening shawl or something? This is the baby that I made the Trellis sweater for (I'd link that but I don't think I can through e-mail - it's in the October or Novemberish archives if your inclined to see it.) It didn't occur to me as something I should do but when I told my dad that I was going to be Cam's Godmother his immediate response was "better get knitting." Am I suppose to?  I know his mother would appreciate & cherish it, but do you make christening shawls for boys? Could I even pull off a shawl in a month? Maybe some booties & a hat? But it's June what's he gonna do with all that. Advice please!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Haul

MDS&W was a blast. I somehow goofed and missed the meet-up but I had a great time anyway. Since none of us had anything we were specifically shopping for it was a very relaxed fun day no pressure - no race to get here, there or anywhere. It was a wonderful - as are most days that contain that much fiber & good friends.

Mom & Gretchen sportin' the cheezed out matchy shirts I made us. They say "knit your own" in protest of all those peeps out there that always say - "hey make me one."

Four knitters fill the trunk - scary but we all say that we didn't really buy that much.
My haul. I'd love to tell you what it all is but the only one I can I know is the yellowy/peachy one is Socks that Rock Medium weight in hoofle floofle (or some other such nutty name.) The other four across the top are sock yarns but that's about all I remember except the green ones on the right came from Blue Moon too. The blue on the bottom is 800 some odd yards of a sport weight merino blend. I'm going to make a neat bias scarf with that one. I'm hoping the short rows & the color changes will keep me entertained enough to actually get through it - we'll see.

Despite my best intentions not to I bought some fiber to spin. I just couldn't resist. I also got some purple pencil roving but the pictures of it look like @ss so I'll spare you. I also got some rosewood needles and a nostepinde. See not that much.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Testing...1 2 3

I'm so far behind the times... I just found out that you can post to blogger via e-mail.  I'm trying it out to see if I set it up correctly. Since I'm an e-mail junkie & not a blogger junkie maybe this will get you more than one post a month.  However don't hold your breath on that one - wouldn't want you to suffocate. 
I've got some pictures of my stash enchantment for MDS&W but they're at home. So that will have to wait a bit longer. Let's see if I've got this e-mail under control & we'll shoot for pictures tomorrow. Here's hopin!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dumb Idea

I've abandoned the idea of getting my socks done by MDS&W. It was an insane idea anyway. I've got issues. I changed the pattern over to 2 circs so that I could try them on regularly however that has come back to bite me in the ass cuz the ankle decreases are written very specific "needle one knit six stitches then p2tog p1 p2tog" or something like that. I've got to figure out where that decrease is supposed to go cuz it doesn't go where I thought it did. Now I've got to rip back like five rows & decipher where I'm at. So much for MDS&W socks.

I thought you guys might like to see a couple of pics from my rugby weekend. We got our buts kicked - not once, not twice, but THREE times! It was kinda sad - but we had a dam good time anyway. Mom & Dad came down too and are finally getting the intricacies of rugby. It was dam funny to hear my mom on the sidelines screaming for me to "hit her hard!!" They had fun and took like a zillion pictures. Here's a couple that aren't only our rear-ends.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Are you coming?

Not much time to post this week. I’m in a mad rush to finish my socks. I’ve gotten the idea into my head that I want to wear them to MDS&W. I’ve still got about a “normal size” sock worth to knit on each foot. Think I’ll make it? I doubt it - but it’s fun to try. If I didn’t have a guild thing tonight, grass to cut & rugby practice tomorrow I might have a chance - but with all that on my plate and still two whole feet to knit it’s not looking so good.

I was supposed to be taking my whole crew to Maryland. Megan, Tisha, Gretchen, and Mom, but I’m down to just Gretchen & Mom - the other two slackers have bailed out - for legitimate reasons but I’m sad they won’t be joining us. The sad however is not stopping me from being crazy excited to go. We’re leave Friday night and staying with some friends, doing the festival on Saturday and coming back Sunday. I can’t wait. There’s a meet-up on Saturday I’ll be there - will you?

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