Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where's the fork??

I'm DONE!!!

Fingerless mitts for Dad.
You can't tell from these pictures - but due to my wonderful note taking skills both hands are completely different. You can only really tell with the fingers. The fingers on the left are noticeably shorter than the fingers on the right hand. I'm gonna try to pass this off as an intentional design element - Dad is left handed and I figure he'll need more finger exposure on the left hand. Think he'll buy it?
Sleep socks/leg warmers for mom. Which look utterly ridiculous empty.
With my very high tech - ultra expensive wire hanger sock blockers they look much more better. And last but not least the impossible to photograph shawl for Aunt Sheryl. Please excuse the craptastic pictures and also the unmade bed. I'll try to take better pics when I give it to her.
Very lightly blocked to give it a few extra inches in width while not adding extra length. Aunt S is on the short side and I didn't want it to hang to her knees. Also my rug wasn't really big enough so I had no choice but to block lightly. Having hardwood floors kinda sucks for knitting. Also I am apparently a slob who can't even pick up the towel off the floor to take a picture, please don't judge me - I may be loosing my mind. And why doesn't this seem like enough FO's for the insane pressure I was feeling??

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I'm pretty sure it's confirmed I'm completely and totally out of my ever lovin mind.
Legwarmers for Mom. She's dropped so many hints about wanting a pair of these that I'd feel guilty if I didn't at least attempt to make her a pair. At 5 stitches to the inch they should go fast.

Like I really needed to have another knit gift added to the cue. But am I working furiously on all these knit gifts??? NO! I'm lazin about reading a book. The whole time I'm laying there reading I'm screaming at myself "hey dumbass there are only 11 days till Christmas" (sorry don't mean to freak you out) 11 days or not - I didn't knit until I finished the book. With the stocking gone I just don't feel any stress to finish stuff. If I finish it - GREAT, if not that's OK too - and not having that "must finish" stress is kinda nice. But seriously I should stop casting on new stuff!

Monday, December 10, 2007


I think I might be out of my mind. I cast-on a couple new Christmas projects.

This started out as a "maybe" gift but it's gone so fast I'm pretty confident I can finish it. It's actually more of a "thank you" than a Christmas. My aunt got two new kitties that LOVE yarn so she gifted me her stash - thank heavens it wasn't to big - this is a mohair blend that was part of it. It's too beautiful for her not to have it.

Very simple k1 yo knit to end. Goes super fast on size 15 needles.

A new hat for my SIL - I think it has decided it wants to be a birthday gift instead (Jan 21) cuz it took me an hour today to knit 3 rows. Doubt it will be done in the next two weeks.

I'm making great progress with Dad's mitts. I so totally want a pair!! They're a bit roomy in the palm area - I'm totally wingin' so I'm not surprised. Dad has huge hands so they should be alright.
Mom's socks did turn out to be to big. I've got to take out two pattern repeats. She was totally sweet about it and offered to keep them anyway but she already has two pair of socks that are too big - you'd think after all this time I'd learn to use a dam measuring tape. So I need to fix that and knit the mate - I hope I can remember what I did for the reverse sole. Plus there were a couple of other things on my knit wish list and I want to cast this on like right now - luckily (or not) I don't have yarn for it. Yup out of my mind for sure. But in a good way. ;)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Drive by

I feel like I don't have time to sit and write so I've been neglecting the blog. But that sucks and I'm not having fun with it so I'm going to try doing a drive by picture upload. At least this way I won't feel so MIA.

The stocking is done and in the mail. About the only thing I liked about this project was not having to sew in ends. Never again.

But it's way cute so almost worth the effort.

Mom's birthday is tomorrow. I love her SOOO much I made her a sock.

Just one.... but it has picots!!!

Actually I only did one cuz I think it's too big. I want her to try it on for me before I make the other one. I also did this weird bit. I reversed the stitches on the sole cuz she was complaining about the purl bumps a pair of her socks. I thought I'd give this a try see if she likes it. It looked like crap until I blocked it - still looks kinda crappy - lots of laddering and unevenness. I won't be makin' a habit of this particular technique. Too much a pain. Mom's lucky I luvs her so much.

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