Monday, August 27, 2007


I didn't realize I'd been gone so long. Let's see what's new. Um... nothing? Sock-it-to-me socks have a heel but I don't have a picture. Knee highs have a problem but I don't have a picture. I bought some new yarn but um.... I don't have a picture. Seeing a pattern here?

I'd luv to say I'll be back tomorrow with pictures but I've got to be realistic - not gonna happen. Why? I'll tell ya - I can't believe I'm going to confess right here in front of everyone what a total geek I am. I'm going here this weekend and I'm so excited that I can barley stand it. You thought it was a pain to decide what knitting to take? Try figuring out what books to take to (hopefully) be autographed. I'm going to Atlanta for three days - my suitcase is frightening. I'll be back on Monday with lots & lots of pictures - but probably not of knitting. :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New socks

I started socks for the Sock-it-to-me swap. I think after these I'm going to hold off on making socks for other people for a minute. I haven't made myself a pair of socks in eons. Anyway these were inspired by a pair of socks in the Interweave Favorite Socks book. I don't actually own the book so I'm kinda wingin it. I like how they're coming out so far.
The yarn is new to me. It's Bearfoot from Mountain Colors in Rosehip. It's hand dyed wool & something blend. It's very soft & squishy but very warm. These are NOT summer socks. They're not even really summer knitting socks. No park knitting with these babies.

Friday, August 10, 2007


I got my sockapalooza socks! My pal Johanna completely blew my mind. My crew thinks I'm nuts cuz I keep making socks for complete strangers. There is a reason I love these swaps so much.

I opened up my palooza package and the first thing I see is this smallish skein of yarn. I think to myself "um.... this is possibly the littest skein ever - what am I going to do with it?" I'm also thinking - I'm not really lovin the colors but I have faith in my pal and move on to see what else the package holds.

Then I see these - OMG how flippin cute are these little things!! They're a gift for Allison.

I definitely got a little weepy I was so touched that she was nice enough to send a little something for my friend's baby. She makes them herself and sells them in her shop if you need to get a pair for any little ones you know. I can't wait to put them on Allison's little feet.

Then I open these. OMG! LOVE THEM!
Apparently that smallish skein is the leftovers from these beauties. She actually re-hanked the yarn instead of sending a little ball - that totally threw me - I though she'd bought an itty bitty skein of yarn. ;) She also, unlike yours truly, remembered to take a picture of the itty bitty skein - it's a lot of yarn for leftovers. You see why I was confused. Right?

I LOVE my socks. See this is why these swaps are cool - they force you out of your box. I probably wouldn't have picked up this skein of yarn. But I love these socks just the same. It occurred to me as I was taking the pictures that I'll might even wear these socks more than some of the other hand knit socks in my drawer because of the colors.

The colors are really great - worked up - I still have doubts about the skein - it looks a little muddy. The fit is positively fantastic! I'm awed by the ability of people to get it perfect without my feet - when I've got my feet right here and I screw it up every time!

Thank you Johanna my socks are awesome & I will wear them to death making the little skein a very useful thing to have. ;)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Not Enough

As in there are just not enough hours in the day! The pile of books on the nightstand is a little scary. There's knitting I haven't touched. There's rocks to climb, a new wheel I have yet to show you, grass to get cut. There just isn't enough time for all of it. Here's a wonderful example of how behind I am. I made these for Gretchen for her birthday. Her birthday was July 7th. The SEVENTH people. Almost a month ago I gifted them to her and I'm just now showing you. Pathetic.

Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug (wonderful stuff - a new favorite) Pattern: Unst from Knitting on the Road - wonderful pattern - easy to follow, fab for the busy yarn, and easy to follow while watching the huge back log of movies from Blockbuster (unlike the other two projects - the only two projects I have on the needles at the moment.)

Yes you read that right - I only have two projects on the needles at the moment - oh the horror. My Clessidra socks (close to the ankle on both legs) and the MS3 (almost done with clue one). Both of which involve paying close attention and charts. I'm desperate to start something new. Something that has a pattern I can memorize. I'm off to the yarn shop tomorrow to find that something cuz the stash failed to inspire me.

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