Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This says it all... I have nothing to say - and I'm not gonna feel guilty about it. So there!

But I will soon. I'm almost done with the BSJ - it's so cute!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Not Enough

Last weekend Mom & I took a knitter's feild trip down to a not so local yarn shop. While we were down in the area a friend recommended we stop by this quilting shop down the road. Which we did.

You wouldn't believe some of the stuff - sooo beautiful! I am a very bad blogger - didn't take a single picture. I was surrounded by amazing quilts, miles of beautiful fabric, and a Mom that knows how to quilt (once upon a time she took a quilting class). It would have been a sin to leave without something right? Lesson - fabric is almost as bad as yarn.

Mom found these cute little things called Jelly Rolls. All the fabric you need for a quilt pre-cut into 2 1/2" strips in quardinated colors. Wonderful! No picking out colors for hours yea!! We bought a jelly roll in a colorway we liked and book with a bunch of design ideas specifically for jelly rolls & we were on our way.

Meet Mom's Kenmore - circa 1970
Lot's of little strips to sew together - easy.
Look Tisha I even managed to sew a straight line!
Strip "units" all sewn up ready for cutting.
Some fancy cutting & sewing - more straight lines! And we've got some little squares ready to make pinwheels! I really can't belive how fast this went. The top half of the quilt is just about finished - and it took just a weekend. Granted we abandoned the idea of a full size quilt in favor of a more managable baby size - to go with the new baby we're getting on March 11th (they didn't change Laurie's due date - yea!) This was a lot of fun. Sorry for the lame pitures - it's overcast today and I'm being lazy about draggin out the tri-pod and the good camera - it would take up quilting time!!! Like I didn't have enought obsesive hobbies.
**must also apologize for any spelling/typos I didn't catch blogger won't spell check - what's up with that???

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

Even though it's an evil non-holiday created by some shlub to sell cards & chocolate & make single women feel like total failures for not having that "special someone" to share it with I'd like you all to have a wonderful Valentines Day.
Luv you guys lots and lots and lots and lots and lots - you make my day - even the evil ones. :D

Monday, February 11, 2008


You ain't got no alibi - you ugly! LOL I think that everytime I pick them up. Ugly or not I luvs this sock!!! It looked really pretty in the ball and it does have it's redeeming qualities. It's like one of those dogs that's so ugly it's cute - and you can't help but luv it. I figured since I couldn't make them much worse I'd try out some short row heels. Once side is beautiful nailed it perfect.

The otherside - eh not so much. Am I picking up the wraps backwards or something???

Friday, February 08, 2008


Not sure how I'm feeling about this. I'm using STR in Rook-y. Which is lovely but I don't think it's makin it. I feel like the yarn is too tight - does that make sense? The pattern called for Dream in Color Smooshy but I had a gift certificate for Blue Moon - and who wouldn't want a whole stole in STR? Besides I couldn't pick a color I liked in the Smooshy - the colors looked different at every place I found it - sometimes the internet sucks.

At anyrate - this may be destined for the frog pile - I'm just not loving it, and it's too much work if you don't love it. At this point I wish like hell I'd have swatched - it would be a much less painful ripping experiance. Oh well lesson learned.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Whirling Wednesdays

Title shamelessly stolen from Kelly - I just couldn't help myself it's so clever! Also don't expect it to be a regular weekly feature. I might shoot for once a month though. That's actually a really good plan to make me spin more often. You heard it here first - the first Wednesday of the month (cuz that's what today is) will officailly be Whirling Wednesday! Come hell or high water I will have something to show you - I hope ;)

Onto the good stuff. I finally got over myself and fixed thebackwards plyed bobbin. I think I've pretty much fixed my hitchiker plying woes with all that treaddling - must untwist and then re-twist the right way. Who knew you could get a workout spinning. My poor achin leg.

It's kinda wonky from all the extra twistyness but I'm hoping that comes out in the wash. I've got another chunk of it to ply (that's not backwards) and then I'll throw it in the tub.

While the backwards plyied stuff was in time out I spun up this bobbin. It's merino tencel - shinny & pretty. It gave me fits at first and then I dunno something clicked and I did all this. Now I'm on the second bobbin and it's giving me fits again. But that's OK cuz the fits are the reason the other stuff got fixed - well that & I'm "reading" a great audio book - yea for audio books - I just had to continue sitting still to finish it.


Monday, February 04, 2008


I'm going to have a new neice in about four. I was suposed to have another 2 months but they think they goofed on her due date. So I figured I should get crackin on her sweater. It's going to be a Baby Suprise jacket - with random stripes thanks to my ultra high tech random number generator! I hope it looks ok when it's done cuz I have no idea what part of the sweater I'm making at the moment. Unknown sweater bits and crazy random stripes - yea fun!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Mulit-D scarf

I've got a couple of new projects going on but it's been a bad week for pictures so this is all I've got to show ya.

The scarf progresses. I'm starting to loose intrest. I've only got a a few more triangles to go - maybe four - but it's starting to become tedious. As all scarves do eventually.
I learned something very interesting on this project. I've been knitting for probably three years now and I just now learned that I do SSK decreases backwards - through the back loop. Hope the knitting police don't come banging on my door to make me fix three years worth of twisted decreases.

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