Friday, February 08, 2008


Not sure how I'm feeling about this. I'm using STR in Rook-y. Which is lovely but I don't think it's makin it. I feel like the yarn is too tight - does that make sense? The pattern called for Dream in Color Smooshy but I had a gift certificate for Blue Moon - and who wouldn't want a whole stole in STR? Besides I couldn't pick a color I liked in the Smooshy - the colors looked different at every place I found it - sometimes the internet sucks.

At anyrate - this may be destined for the frog pile - I'm just not loving it, and it's too much work if you don't love it. At this point I wish like hell I'd have swatched - it would be a much less painful ripping experiance. Oh well lesson learned.

I love the colors. The blue and bits of pinks buried in the grey are gorgeous. I've seen the yarn on other sites but that's the first time I was able to see the colors clearly. Now I can see what everyone's been raving about.
Hmmm, I think it looks fabulous, but I can't feel it (dang internet!). Would a larger needle make it feel less "tight"?
I have both yarns and you're right... STR is spun tighter and isn't as soft as Smooshy.

I love the colour though - it will make a beautiful pair of socks.
I think it looks very cool - the color is fabulous, with the specks!
I think it's really pretty but if your not loving there's no sense and knitting it and it would make a fab pair of socks!
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