Monday, December 05, 2005

Random Things

I took this from Cara - it looked like fun. Enjoy.

TEN random things you might not know about me
1. I read obsessively – I have been known to blow off plans & stop answering my phone for a particularly good book
2. I struggle with my weight – this is not because I’m overly heavy but because I am an obsessive-compulsive eater.
3. I have never been in love – thought I might be when I was 19 but I was wrong
4. I’m 30 and still live with my parents – I’m sort of old fashioned like that …well that and I live in NJ where a shoebox sized house is impossible to afford without a partner of some sort
5. I play softball, basketball, and football recreationally – I suck at all of them but I have fun and that’s all that really matters
6. I have jumped from an airplane – it was an amazing experience I recommend it to everyone
7. I still believe in fairytales
8. I am not naturally the positive, outgoing, fun person that my friends know & love – I have to work very hard at this.
9. I didn’t like to knit when I first learned – in fact I hated it
10. I have horrible long-term memory – my mother has told me of events from as late as senior year of high school that I have no recollection of at all

NINE places I’ve visited
1. The Grand Canyon – an awe inspiring site, go there
2. Myrtle Beach, NC
3. Washington State (Seattle, Mt. Rainer, Aberdeen)
4. Cheaspeake Beach, MD / Washington DC
5. The Virgin Islands (St. Marteen, St. John)
6. California - Sanfransico, Redwood National Parks (wow), LA (yuck), Oakland, and some other place in the mountains that I have never successfully remembered the name of
7. New York City
8. Canada
9. Bahamas

EIGHT ways to win my heart
1. Foot massage – any massage really but feet for sure
2. Chocolate – Ghirardelli is my favorite
3. Any kind of small thoughtful gift –as opposed to big expensive thoughtless gifts
4. Do something childish & silly with me – like playing in the rain
5. Humble random acts of kindness
6. I’m a sucker for a charmer – being charming is a lost art, most of my generation has forgotten (never learned) how to do this
7. Encourage & believe in me
8. Surprises

SEVEN things I want to do before I die
1. Fly across an ocean – destination isn’t really important I just want to travel somewhere that involves a passport
2. Experience pregnancy
3. I’d really love to experience weightlessness, like those anti-gravity chambers used to train astronauts – that would be cool!
4. Scuba diving
5. Fall madly, deeply, & passionately in love –like romance novel kind of love
6. I really want to spout wings and fly – I know this is impossible but one can dream, maybe hang-gliding would be closer than skydiving
7. Work at a job that I LOVE

SIX things I don’t like
1. Fish & shellfish – you’d be amazed by the number of people that think I’m weird because I don’t eat lobster
2. Bugs – anything with more than four legs freaks me out, unless it also has wings then it’s ok.
3. Red Heart Super Saver Yarn – I think it’s a waste to knit/crochet with this stuff because when it’s done it feels like cardboard, who wants that next to their skin? For the record I am not condemning all acrylic, just this acrylic.
4. Inconsiderate & aggressive drivers – you have a deadly weapon at your disposal, do you think you could be more careful with it?!
5. The mall - I hate the mall, any mall, don’t make me go the mall
6. Scary movies

FIVE things I’m afraid of
1. Failing to maintain a good relationship with my younger brother
2. Going to new places alone
3. The inevitable death of my parents
4. Never falling in love – kind of hung up on this love thing aren’t I?
5. Giving up the battle and letting myself fall into the pit of self-pity that has been lurking around the corner since high school

FOUR ways to turn me off
1. Bad oral hygiene
2. Complain about things you can control – don’t complain just fix it
3. Complain about things you can’t control – you can’t fix it so it’s a waste of energy to complain about it
4. Belittle other people

THREE things I do every day
1. Read
2. Enjoy the weather – it could be ridiculously nasty out but I’ll still try to find something to enjoy about it
3. Smile – a lot

TWO things that make me happy
1. A new book
2. Spending time with my family

ONE thing on my mind right now
1. How hard it was to do this list

Good job on your countdown.

I haven't got a new book in the house and I am in withdrawal....gasp...ack...ugh...
The romance novel love is ficticious, but the real thing is better, just a LOT more work involved =) but it's worth it. I used to be looking for the romance novel stuff, too, but once I realized it was conspiracy to keep me unhappy, ...... well, as the saying goes a little corrupted, "Truth is better than fiction!" but truly madly passionately is real, just different. gyah, shut UP, me! there I go preachin' again SLAP SLAP snap out of it!

Your Daughter is a cutie pie! hug hug
Yeah, the romance novel love thing lasts for about a month or so, then the hard work begins, but it's still worth it. Love the list!
Actually the baby is my niece, not my daughter - but she is a cutie pie thanks.
Loved your blog. Sorry it took me so long to get here.
What a wonderful and beautiful Granddaughter!! From a loving Grandfather in Virginia. :}
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