Friday, February 01, 2008

Mulit-D scarf

I've got a couple of new projects going on but it's been a bad week for pictures so this is all I've got to show ya.

The scarf progresses. I'm starting to loose intrest. I've only got a a few more triangles to go - maybe four - but it's starting to become tedious. As all scarves do eventually.
I learned something very interesting on this project. I've been knitting for probably three years now and I just now learned that I do SSK decreases backwards - through the back loop. Hope the knitting police don't come banging on my door to make me fix three years worth of twisted decreases.

Oh, dear, here come the Knitting Police, Decrease Division...

Lovely colors.
The scarve is looking good! I always thought they were done through the back loop. Oh well I guess I've been doing them wrong too!
Wait, wait, wait! You're not supposed to do them through the back loop?!
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