Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Whirling Wednesdays

Title shamelessly stolen from Kelly - I just couldn't help myself it's so clever! Also don't expect it to be a regular weekly feature. I might shoot for once a month though. That's actually a really good plan to make me spin more often. You heard it here first - the first Wednesday of the month (cuz that's what today is) will officailly be Whirling Wednesday! Come hell or high water I will have something to show you - I hope ;)

Onto the good stuff. I finally got over myself and fixed thebackwards plyed bobbin. I think I've pretty much fixed my hitchiker plying woes with all that treaddling - must untwist and then re-twist the right way. Who knew you could get a workout spinning. My poor achin leg.

It's kinda wonky from all the extra twistyness but I'm hoping that comes out in the wash. I've got another chunk of it to ply (that's not backwards) and then I'll throw it in the tub.

While the backwards plyied stuff was in time out I spun up this bobbin. It's merino tencel - shinny & pretty. It gave me fits at first and then I dunno something clicked and I did all this. Now I'm on the second bobbin and it's giving me fits again. But that's OK cuz the fits are the reason the other stuff got fixed - well that & I'm "reading" a great audio book - yea for audio books - I just had to continue sitting still to finish it.


Yay spinning! It looks great. That happened to me with silk it gave me such a hard time and then somthing clicked and it was smooth sailing. I love the colors of both the plied and the singles.
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