Monday, February 18, 2008

Not Enough

Last weekend Mom & I took a knitter's feild trip down to a not so local yarn shop. While we were down in the area a friend recommended we stop by this quilting shop down the road. Which we did.

You wouldn't believe some of the stuff - sooo beautiful! I am a very bad blogger - didn't take a single picture. I was surrounded by amazing quilts, miles of beautiful fabric, and a Mom that knows how to quilt (once upon a time she took a quilting class). It would have been a sin to leave without something right? Lesson - fabric is almost as bad as yarn.

Mom found these cute little things called Jelly Rolls. All the fabric you need for a quilt pre-cut into 2 1/2" strips in quardinated colors. Wonderful! No picking out colors for hours yea!! We bought a jelly roll in a colorway we liked and book with a bunch of design ideas specifically for jelly rolls & we were on our way.

Meet Mom's Kenmore - circa 1970
Lot's of little strips to sew together - easy.
Look Tisha I even managed to sew a straight line!
Strip "units" all sewn up ready for cutting.
Some fancy cutting & sewing - more straight lines! And we've got some little squares ready to make pinwheels! I really can't belive how fast this went. The top half of the quilt is just about finished - and it took just a weekend. Granted we abandoned the idea of a full size quilt in favor of a more managable baby size - to go with the new baby we're getting on March 11th (they didn't change Laurie's due date - yea!) This was a lot of fun. Sorry for the lame pitures - it's overcast today and I'm being lazy about draggin out the tri-pod and the good camera - it would take up quilting time!!! Like I didn't have enought obsesive hobbies.
**must also apologize for any spelling/typos I didn't catch blogger won't spell check - what's up with that???

U did sew straight line! I see how it is, don't invite me to sew... No that's ok, you just don't get to use my kewl surger so HA! The quilt looks great I cain't wait to see it:)
Nicely done!!! You know, I have a sewing machine, too, Tisha, and I didn't get invited either. :P
Fantastic idea that pre-cut! The worst part of a quilt is cutting and matching - so tedious.
Love the Jelly Roll! Fabric is just as bad an addiction as yarn, if you let it!
What a gorgeous baby blanket it will be. Love those colors!
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