Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where's the fork??

I'm DONE!!!

Fingerless mitts for Dad.
You can't tell from these pictures - but due to my wonderful note taking skills both hands are completely different. You can only really tell with the fingers. The fingers on the left are noticeably shorter than the fingers on the right hand. I'm gonna try to pass this off as an intentional design element - Dad is left handed and I figure he'll need more finger exposure on the left hand. Think he'll buy it?
Sleep socks/leg warmers for mom. Which look utterly ridiculous empty.
With my very high tech - ultra expensive wire hanger sock blockers they look much more better. And last but not least the impossible to photograph shawl for Aunt Sheryl. Please excuse the craptastic pictures and also the unmade bed. I'll try to take better pics when I give it to her.
Very lightly blocked to give it a few extra inches in width while not adding extra length. Aunt S is on the short side and I didn't want it to hang to her knees. Also my rug wasn't really big enough so I had no choice but to block lightly. Having hardwood floors kinda sucks for knitting. Also I am apparently a slob who can't even pick up the towel off the floor to take a picture, please don't judge me - I may be loosing my mind. And why doesn't this seem like enough FO's for the insane pressure I was feeling??

how cool are those leg warmer thingys? I hope your mum will be dancing around in them (a la Jennifer Beals in Flashdance) on Christmas day! And your dad will so totally love his gloves!

Yay you for finishing your christmas knitting!

(ps - making beds and picking up towels are for people who don't have better things to do like knitting!!)
Check out how the nail polish coordinates so nicely with the mitts!
Now you can kick back and relax right?
Woo hoo! Lots of finished Christmas gifts. I'd say that if I were left-handed (and I am), that I'd like having slightly shorter fingers on the left mitt. Good job! Have a great New Year!
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