Thursday, December 06, 2007

Drive by

I feel like I don't have time to sit and write so I've been neglecting the blog. But that sucks and I'm not having fun with it so I'm going to try doing a drive by picture upload. At least this way I won't feel so MIA.

The stocking is done and in the mail. About the only thing I liked about this project was not having to sew in ends. Never again.

But it's way cute so almost worth the effort.

Mom's birthday is tomorrow. I love her SOOO much I made her a sock.

Just one.... but it has picots!!!

Actually I only did one cuz I think it's too big. I want her to try it on for me before I make the other one. I also did this weird bit. I reversed the stitches on the sole cuz she was complaining about the purl bumps a pair of her socks. I thought I'd give this a try see if she likes it. It looked like crap until I blocked it - still looks kinda crappy - lots of laddering and unevenness. I won't be makin' a habit of this particular technique. Too much a pain. Mom's lucky I luvs her so much.

Beautiful projects! I hope the recipients appreciate the hard work...
Oh yeah - love the lining on the stocking!! And it is very cute!

Like Mum's sock too - what is the pattern?
adorable stocking!! I love it!
And those are beautiful socks for your mom.
Jodi, both your projects are great! I wish I had a knitting daughter!
The stocking is very cute. Despite all the complaining about the technique, you did a good job. Don't worry so much about the sole of the sock. Nobody is going to see it except your mom. And it if makes her feet happy, it's worth it. Another thing to consider is knitting socks on smaller needles. I find I don't have trouble with purl bumps hurting my feet when knitting with 2mm DPNs. I hope your mom had a great birthday!
Blogging is really difficult this time of year. I love the stocking and beautiful socks!
I LOVE the idea of reversing the bottoms! Let us know if it works!
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