Thursday, December 13, 2007


I'm pretty sure it's confirmed I'm completely and totally out of my ever lovin mind.
Legwarmers for Mom. She's dropped so many hints about wanting a pair of these that I'd feel guilty if I didn't at least attempt to make her a pair. At 5 stitches to the inch they should go fast.

Like I really needed to have another knit gift added to the cue. But am I working furiously on all these knit gifts??? NO! I'm lazin about reading a book. The whole time I'm laying there reading I'm screaming at myself "hey dumbass there are only 11 days till Christmas" (sorry don't mean to freak you out) 11 days or not - I didn't knit until I finished the book. With the stocking gone I just don't feel any stress to finish stuff. If I finish it - GREAT, if not that's OK too - and not having that "must finish" stress is kinda nice. But seriously I should stop casting on new stuff!

Ha! I know exactly what you mean...I've cast on new projects left right and centre in the last couple of weeks. Crazy!!
At least your mom will fully understand if her legwarmers aren't ready until January ;o)
It sounds like the stocking project really stressed and burned you out. There's nothing wrong with taking a break, as long as it's a short break. Good luck finishing everything!
I'm glad your not stressing yourself out too much. When I'm knitting a gift for someone and it dosn't get finished by the intended day. I take a picture of my progress and slip into a card that and Wright IOU whatever it is I knit. That way you won't feel guilty and the recpient will now it's on the way soon.
What book was it?! Musta been good!
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