Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Desk Disaster!

Way back in December I got to order a new desk for my office at work. I was super excited cuz my desk is from like 1940 it's old and tired and small and crappy. Due to budgets and whatnot I had to wait and wait and wait for my new furniture.  It finally came today.
Yea!! Finally!!...... NOT!
I'm about to have a breakdown over this thing. Some genius ordered me a 60" return.  The return is the little desk that attaches to the side of the main desk. That means that I've got about 36 inches of too much desk.  The company wont take it back so now the boys in maintenance are chopping up my brand new desk with a flippin' CIRCULAR SAW!!!  In the meantime I'm sitting around doing nothing cuz my desk is in pieces and my work is in boxes.  I'm having a fabulous day...you? 

That is not right on so many levels.

Sorry about the rotten day. Can you knit?
Oh what a shame! I have a desk in my office at work that most likely is about 50 years old. Old oak, huge and and piled so high that I never actually sit at it. I usually work at my meeting table. I feel old behind that desk!
At least you get a desk of your own. be thankful that you don't have to share it with anyone!!
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