Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Haul

MDS&W was a blast. I somehow goofed and missed the meet-up but I had a great time anyway. Since none of us had anything we were specifically shopping for it was a very relaxed fun day no pressure - no race to get here, there or anywhere. It was a wonderful - as are most days that contain that much fiber & good friends.

Mom & Gretchen sportin' the cheezed out matchy shirts I made us. They say "knit your own" in protest of all those peeps out there that always say - "hey make me one."

Four knitters fill the trunk - scary but we all say that we didn't really buy that much.
My haul. I'd love to tell you what it all is but the only one I can I know is the yellowy/peachy one is Socks that Rock Medium weight in hoofle floofle (or some other such nutty name.) The other four across the top are sock yarns but that's about all I remember except the green ones on the right came from Blue Moon too. The blue on the bottom is 800 some odd yards of a sport weight merino blend. I'm going to make a neat bias scarf with that one. I'm hoping the short rows & the color changes will keep me entertained enough to actually get through it - we'll see.

Despite my best intentions not to I bought some fiber to spin. I just couldn't resist. I also got some purple pencil roving but the pictures of it look like @ss so I'll spare you. I also got some rosewood needles and a nostepinde. See not that much.

Love the tees!
Great haul, J. I love how you nguys fill the trunk (we call it a boot) each time you go to one of these events!!
Hey I want a tee-shirt... Or is that my punishment for not going? The goodies look great! Thanx again for bringing me home something :)
Wasn't there a group shot of us in front of the haul? Or did that not come out so good?
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