Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

I'm a bad blogger - I gripe about my crisis and then leave you hanging for days.  The desk turned out great. Gene (the maintenance) guy worked some magic and you can't even tell where he cut it.  I actually have a before picture somewhere so when I get back to work on Tuesday I'll take an after picture for you. 
I'm away this weekend.  This post is actually coming to you from Maryland via my Aunt's laptop. I'm currently sitting on the deck looking out over the Chesapeake Bay.  I've got to get wireless Internet at home this ROCKS!  I don't have my camera cord with so pictures will have to wait until I get back. 
I started my sockapalooza sock. It's awesome! I had the perfect yarn in my stash and I started it this morning on the way down.  I'm just about ready to turn the heel - traffic was a nightmare. Whose bright idea was it to travel on Memorial Day weekend??  Hope you guys have a great weekend.  

Have a nice time in MD. Why didn't you take me with you???? :(
Sitting on a deck overlooking the Chesapeake sounds absolutely divine! Did you knit while sitting in traffic? Enjoy the weekend!
hummm, sounds like a weekand that I need... :)
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