Monday, May 14, 2007

Testing...1 2 3

I'm so far behind the times... I just found out that you can post to blogger via e-mail.  I'm trying it out to see if I set it up correctly. Since I'm an e-mail junkie & not a blogger junkie maybe this will get you more than one post a month.  However don't hold your breath on that one - wouldn't want you to suffocate. 
I've got some pictures of my stash enchantment for MDS&W but they're at home. So that will have to wait a bit longer. Let's see if I've got this e-mail under control & we'll shoot for pictures tomorrow. Here's hopin!

Ooo it worked! I rock.
Houston, we have success!
Yeah, come on, Jody, get those yarn haul pics up there!!
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