Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dumb Idea

I've abandoned the idea of getting my socks done by MDS&W. It was an insane idea anyway. I've got issues. I changed the pattern over to 2 circs so that I could try them on regularly however that has come back to bite me in the ass cuz the ankle decreases are written very specific "needle one knit six stitches then p2tog p1 p2tog" or something like that. I've got to figure out where that decrease is supposed to go cuz it doesn't go where I thought it did. Now I've got to rip back like five rows & decipher where I'm at. So much for MDS&W socks.

I thought you guys might like to see a couple of pics from my rugby weekend. We got our buts kicked - not once, not twice, but THREE times! It was kinda sad - but we had a dam good time anyway. Mom & Dad came down too and are finally getting the intricacies of rugby. It was dam funny to hear my mom on the sidelines screaming for me to "hit her hard!!" They had fun and took like a zillion pictures. Here's a couple that aren't only our rear-ends.

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