Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Watch out I might break blogger...

Third post in a week - must be a record.
I've got a question for the peanut gallery. My cousin has just asked me to be the Godmother for his son. The baptism is June 24.  Think I should make him a Christening shawl or something? This is the baby that I made the Trellis sweater for (I'd link that but I don't think I can through e-mail - it's in the October or Novemberish archives if your inclined to see it.) It didn't occur to me as something I should do but when I told my dad that I was going to be Cam's Godmother his immediate response was "better get knitting." Am I suppose to?  I know his mother would appreciate & cherish it, but do you make christening shawls for boys? Could I even pull off a shawl in a month? Maybe some booties & a hat? But it's June what's he gonna do with all that. Advice please!!

Nothing wrong with a baptismal shawl for a boy baby.

Might want to do it crochet, though.
Maybe a christening bonnet?

~your sockapalooza pal
Perhaps you could make him a little sleeveless sweater (vest) for the after party (if there is one!) - that would be quicker and perhaps more practical for the weather. But a lovely christening bonnet would also be great, and if you think you should go the shawl option, you could do one in cotton perhaps?
Perhaps a christening blanket...
(with shawl dimensions of course).
You can do it, J. Yeah, you can...
I agree, a bonnet and booties would be great! And if you crochet them it would be faster...
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