Friday, May 18, 2007

Straight vs. Curly

Edited to fix photo

I got my hair cut yesterday and I let my hairdresser blow it straight. Today I'm getting comments like "WOW you look great today," "what did you do with your hair? It's fantastic!" "Your hair looks amazing, it's really sexy like that." Being a typical girl the ego snacks are really making my day. However I can't help but wonder - does my hair look like ass every other day? Is straight hair sexier than curly hair? I have wonderful natural curls. They behave with only a little bit of effort on my part and require very little care. I love my curls but when people go nuts over my straightened locks I always question my decision not to blow my hair out every day. I know plenty of curly headed women that do blow their hair out all the time and I admire their devotion to the hair dryer, but that's a devotion I just can't commit to. Yet when people gush like their doing today I wonder if I should.

It could be that it's such a different look and that makes it intriguing which makes it look fantastic. I like curls, personally. And I definitely couldn't commit to spending a lot of time with blow dryers and hair product. Maybe you could blow it out occasionally. You know, just to keep people on their toes!
I agree, just blow dry it straight once in a while to keep people thinking. I like the curls too. And no, your hair does NOT look like ass every day! What are you worried about, anyway???? With the friends you have (i.e. Megan, me...) don't you think we'd tell you if you had an ass on your head?
I can't see the photo!!! All I'm getting is a box with a red x. I wanna see your straight hair!
Oooooh yeah! HOT!!!
See, I told you that you didn't have an ass on your head!!!!!
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