Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Are you coming?

Not much time to post this week. I’m in a mad rush to finish my socks. I’ve gotten the idea into my head that I want to wear them to MDS&W. I’ve still got about a “normal size” sock worth to knit on each foot. Think I’ll make it? I doubt it - but it’s fun to try. If I didn’t have a guild thing tonight, grass to cut & rugby practice tomorrow I might have a chance - but with all that on my plate and still two whole feet to knit it’s not looking so good.

I was supposed to be taking my whole crew to Maryland. Megan, Tisha, Gretchen, and Mom, but I’m down to just Gretchen & Mom - the other two slackers have bailed out - for legitimate reasons but I’m sad they won’t be joining us. The sad however is not stopping me from being crazy excited to go. We’re leave Friday night and staying with some friends, doing the festival on Saturday and coming back Sunday. I can’t wait. There’s a meet-up on Saturday I’ll be there - will you?

Well, if you called out sick the next two days and knit and didn't sleep at all you might finish the socks before Saturday.
Man, they are slackers!!! I'm still going, even with my crazy ass job! And I'm sooooooooo looking forward to it too!
Your so mean! I have a great reason why I cain't go! Kiss it!
considering my dad was at the drs office first thing this morning with complications again, i wouldn't be calling me a slacker. i hope a sheep pees on your socks!
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