Monday, March 24, 2008


I sat down to blog today and realized - I have no current pictures. Oops. It's my new habit to take all the pictures I'm going to need for the next week or so at the same time. It helps me immensely with keeping the blog updated - lack of pics is usually what keeps me from blogging. Notice how I've been so sporadic the past month? Yea - haven't had a chance to do my weekly photo shoot. Anywho - I've noticed that I wind up forgetting things (ex: the Lombard socks & the handspun mitts were finished eons ago - but there's no photographic evidence).
I also have a couple of projects that I photographed - and then ripped out before they ever got mentioned on the blog. Kinda no point in blogging something that doesn't exist anymore. Ex: about a million years ago I got to test knit a pattern for Kelly - the pattern thoroughly kicked my ass - no one will ever let me test knit again - and the socks got ripped (well technically they're not ripped - I just don't have it in me yet - but they will be, I've accepted defeat and all that just need to get on with the ripping.)

I guess my photography rules the blog. If you never hear about a project again - it's not always that it hasn't been finished. It may have just never been photographed. The blog is a great way to keep track of your knitting - but how do you keep track of your blog to make sure it all gets in there???

I do the same thing - photograph everything at once (usually on the weekend) - it does require some advance planning doesn't it! Sometimes I make a list of things to blog, and keep adding to it or crossing things off. Otherwise I forget stuff all the time!
I have the exact same problem. I've finished several things over the last month and have probably only blogged about half of them due to lack of pictures.
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