Thursday, January 10, 2008

None of the Above

Good morning poppets. I'm sure the suspense is killing you - it was killing me too - all the way to the gym, all the way through my step class, all the way home, all the way through dinner, until finally I could play with yarn. I still wasn't decided on what to knit but I knew what yarns would be involved so I wound a few of them up. Once they were wound, the decision was much easier. One yarn called to me over the others - and once yarn was picked what I was going to make with it was pretty much a given. Although because of gauge issues it wasn't one of the patterns I linked to yesterday.

I know - get to it already.

Natalya. I know totally boring right but trust me it's special .... and I'm reduced to craptastic cell phone pictures sorry bout that. The color representation is really off it's much more like this.

Hehe - yup - I spun that!!! I'm totally in love with this totally useless bit of knitting. I MADE THAT YARN!!! It's totally under plied and really weird in some spots but holy yarn batman - I made that!!!! And it looks good!! It's all very exciting. It's one of those deals were you keep knitting and knitting cuz the way the yarn behaves is SO entertaining and watching what the next little bit is going to do means you just can't put the needles down. I think I may need to ply the random singles lying in wait around the house cuz knitting with handspun that I made is such a high - I may become an addict.

You made that yarn.

Bet you'd have some really interesting skeins from the odd singles lying about.
That is awesome!!! Yay! I am so impressed. And jealous. I want to spin!
OMG(answer your phone) i cannot type my exictement!
You should feel incredibly proud of yourself, you made some AMAZING yarn! I love the bright red color and the cables.
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