Friday, September 21, 2007

New Toy

Earlier this summer I bought Kelly's little hitchiker wheel. It's the cutest dam thing - look at that foot treadle - how could I resist?!
I haven't really talked about it because so far everything that I've spun is crap... don't want to really share the ugly ass yarn that I made -maybe after I knit it and felt the crap out of it I'll let you see.

At any rate I went to the NJ Sheep Breeders
Fiber thing this past Sunday and I picked up some new roving - just because I can't do it doesn't stop me from wanting to buy, buy, buy!! Besides I had to fill up the pretty basket I got at the new knitting shop last month. It's a pretty small festival only about 50 venders but they have lots of fiber.

I got the blue and the green from Gryphon - I have to confess she was the main reason I went this year. I just can't resist meeting a blogger in person. Well that and she put up pictures of some of the roving she was bringing and I had to have it. The red stuff I got from Twisted Fiber it was one of those instances where you walk past three or four times and you keep touching the same thing over and over. I think the woman thought I was a nut - I visited this merino three times before I bought it. I'm so glad I bought it though. It's SO nice and look... my first ever non-crap spinning. I mean it's still not "there" but I'm not embarrassed to show it to you. That's progresss!!


I wish i had touch-o-vision rightnow... I really want to pet the red stuff!
that red is amazing! So lovely and lofty looking. Your doing a great job spinning it girl : )
I'm glad she found a nice home with you. I don't know what your talking about that red fiber looks very nicely spun!
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