Thursday, July 19, 2007

New & Improved

Remember the MP3 Sock? Dad LOVES what he affectionately calls the "MP3 Condom" and has been after me for ages to make a few improvements on his original idea. I finally got around to making it up last night. His first change was to make it a smidgen bigger cuz he likes to stuff the headphone and extra batteries in there. That's easy enough.He also wanted to add a draw string so that when it's hanging around his neck it stays shut - no batteries flying out when he bends over. So I threw in a couple of YO k2tog at the base of the ribbing and threaded the crochet chain through it.
He seems to like it. We'll wait and see if it passes the practical test. I'm sure he'll come home with new improvements to add. It's a good thing these little buggers only take a couple of hours to make.

By the way you guys haven't forgotten about the scavenger hunt have you? I went camping last weekend & thought about you guys & took a few shots that fit the list nicely. I'll post them later.


Very cute! What yarn is that?
I love it!
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