Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Megan!

I'm going to wind up spilling the beans on one of these secret projects - I know it. I'm just not that good about keeping my knitting a secret. I want to talk about it. It's why I started a blog - to TALK about my knitting. I should have stuck with my first plan and kept the blog a secret from all my friends - then I wouldn't have these problems.
Today is Megan's birthday. She's an old lady now - hit the big Three-O. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!!! Megan is the sweetest, funniest, and probably most demented chick I know - and I love her to death! I'm so glad we had the opportunity to become friends. It killed me yesterday that I was home sick and had to miss her party. I can't wait to show you guys what I got her but I can hardly show ya'll the photo's of her present before she gets it herself. So you'll have to wait.
In the meantime - I whipped up this little guy for my dad from my sick bed. I got him an MP3 player for Christmas and he finally loaded it up with music and took it to work only to come home and complain about it. "There is just no good place to put it without it getting in my way."
He wanted a little sac to hang around his neck so he could tuck it in his shirt to keep it out of his way. So I made him a little MP3 sock with a crocheted cord. It's a goofy little thing but I think it will suit his purpose. I used this little project to try out the twisted German Cast on - which is very cool, and very stretchy and a three needle bind-off, which is terribly fiddly but worth the effort on this little guy it makes a really nice seam.
I think I've hit the wall on sitting up. I'm heading back to my sick bed. I wish I felt like knitting cuz I've been home for four days - when I think about how much I could have done if I could concentrate. I can't even read I'm so out of it - I only have enough brain power for the tv. It's so unfair - I hate being sick.

Sorry about the sick day - but the little mp3 cozy is great.

Happy B-day Megan.
my jodes!!!! thanks for those nice words....i'll slip you the $20 later, lol. btw, i am so glad you showed pics of the mp3 going into the sock because i was getting a little worried about what the sock was for...especially if it was for your dad....hahahaha. feel better!
Happy b-day Megs! Hope you feel better soon Jody. Keep knitting, it will make you feel better.
And here I thought it was a baby bootie for me... Happy B-day Megan... Feel better, I need my knitting pal back!
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