Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Worth the Wait!!

My sock-ret pal partner came through! Lookit what I got!!! There's some Brooklyn Handspun in there - and a new Chibi and the almighty chocolate (can't have a package without!)
This awesome bag - which has already replaced my knit bag for the summer, I'm such a bag ho!
Buttons!! I luv buttons - it's already hangin in it's new home on the traveling backpack.
And bestest of all!!! I got Potomas socks!! I love these! They fit awesome & the color is so beautiful. My new favorite socks - I'm just upset it's too warm to where them!
Thanks Chrissy - this package was totally worth waiting for!

Sweet! And the chocolate must have tasted good, too.
Pretty socks - I am going to knit these (one day!!). And after yesterday's present - you are lucky lucky lucky!
Oh my! Those are beautiful! Cute bag too! Your pal rocks!
Oooh.. pretty socks!
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