Sunday, January 07, 2007

Another Quickie!

In all the holiday madness I complete forgot to tell you about my not-so-sockret pal. She accidentally outted herself in a comment she made to my blog. I've gotta tell ya - I'm so glad she did! We've been chatting a lot more & I'm getting to know her through her blog too - way cool. Her name is Chrissy - she's a designer!

In her last package she sent me some outstanding Debbie Bliss yarn and a pattern. Turns out the pattern is her own and it's fabulous!! It's written well and it's easy to read and it's a quick easy knit to boot!! (I've already dropped a few not-so-subtle hits about other patterns she could spoil me with.) ;)

I got the package on the Thursday before Christmas. Decided I really wanted to try out the pattern Chrissy sent - so I cast on that Friday night. Mom got a pair of socks for Christmas - which she LOVED. Really great knit - and the yarn was a dream to work with! Really go there buy her stuff - it's fab!!

Very nice socks! I don't think I'd ever be able to finish a pair of socks that fast, even if the pattern is a quick knit. I'll be sure to check out Chrissy's site.
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