Sunday, November 12, 2006

Finally Finished

I started these socks back in June - never to be seen again on this here blog. I discovered that I do not like Trekking XXL sock yarn so they didn't get a lot of love. But I wanted to gift them to a friend of mine who had a crappy year so I dug them out of the black-hole basket. My bud LOVED her socks. She put them on immediately and then started sticking her feet under everybody's noses - I love it when that happens. One of these days I will remember that I need to take my pictures before it gets dark out because the flash does icky things to knit pictures.

Hearing you on the Trekking XXL.
They do look pretty, though.
You're always doing good things for friends - even those living on the other side of the globe!!
The socks are beautiful - what pattern did you use?
Thanks for making my feet look like elephant feet. Really, I only have size 9 1/2 wide! Nice socks though.
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