Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Sock on Safari

Click Pic for Flikr Pics!!
I know it's a bit of a stretch but I took my Trek yesterday at Six Flags - Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. Tisha and I took a over a hundred pictures and since blogger doesn't like me to upload a million pictures I've created a flikr set of the Sock on Safari! (don't worry there not all there just a few of my favorites.) We had a great time & I discovered that waiting on line for the rides (some of those lines can be 3 or 4 hours long) is great knitting time! I also learned that you must be very diligent about your needles - I dropped one - freaked out just a bit until I found it a few people behind me...being stepped on (thank goodness there was no harm done or there may have been problems). The weird looks & double takes were highly entertaining. Suprisingly we only got one comment - all the strange stuff we did with that sock and the only coment was "cool." Guess I'm not as strange as I thought.

All in all, sounds like a great day. I'm glad the stepped-on needle didn't get broken. Things could have gotten ugly. :)
Looks good! Pretty color. Big sigh of relief that your needle is not lost. I'm signed up for KSKS too! No such thing as too much sock fun.
Great pic's.... I like the one on the farris wheel. Was that before or after the freak out? he he he... Anyway knitting at GA wasn't as weird as I thought... I mean no old granny comments , just a few stares... It was kewl, wanna do it again?
I love the safari Trek! Such great pictures. Man, I've never been to one of those drive-thru safaris. I can't tell if it is really kewl or really dorky. But I love your "sweater in the wild" comment - Ha!
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