Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oh Happy Day!

Hot dam I am on a roll!! I just found my missing socks!! Your not gonna believe this one... I had to drag out the stash (I keep it in a rubbermaid in the bottom of the closet-which incidently it barely fits in anymore) and I'm digging around in the tote & I decided I'd like to pet some of the pretty wool I got at Rhinebeck. Well guess what I found all snuggled up with the alpaca lace weight?! Yup my socks where hanging out in the stash. What they were doing in there is beyond me - I can't figure out for the life of me what would have possesed me to put them into the stash but there they were. They are back where they belong now and if they value they're life they better stay there this time!!

Hmm...maybe I should take advantage of this lucky streak & play the lottery?!


Your socks have good taste in yarn.
Just one bin? We'll have to do something about that! Your sock was just getting back to its "roots"!
Your socks missed their kinfolk, so they made their way home again. Did you really think they wanted to be on a pair of feet, stuffed into shoes, rather than in a nice, dark bin of quiet yarn?
Glad you found them, now I won't have to hear about how much you miss them!

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