Friday, October 28, 2005

Look what I did!

I made socks!!! These are my first socks. I have knit things before - really cool things, baby sweaters, booties, hats, mittens, but none of them gave me this giddy "oh my goodness I can't believe I really did that" feeling. These socks are by far the coolest thing I've ever done. Not to mention the fact that they are the first project I've ever made for myself that I'm actually going to get to keep.

I am now a raving lunatic about the socks. I have shown them to everyone. I am wearing them today (see my feet there on the desk, yea I'm at work). I made sure to wear slip on shoes for easy access. Knitters, non-knitters, everyone must see & appreciate the sock, well only myself and my fellow knitters can really appreciate the socks, but I'm showing everyone anyway. And lets just say I work in a 90% male environment and they could care less about hand knit socks.

I'm going to wind up being a sockaholic, I know it. How can I resist when just looking down at my hand knit clad feet fills me with this weird euphoria! I can't wait to cast on my next pair!

I'm knitting those same socks. My second pair. The first pair was in the purple pattern. Looks nice.
Socks look great!
I recently learned how to knit socks too! I did a pair and kept them, and now I'm knitting a thick pair for my dad . They have a skull and cross & bones on the sides!
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