Thursday, June 18, 2009

Round Valley

Went camping with Gretchen & Paula a few weeks ago... I'm so behind - not having a computer to deal with pictures is such a pain. The number of photos on my memory card is down right frighting!!
We went to Round Valley State Park - can you say gorgeous!! The water was so crystal clear & so blue. It was amazing. Just look at the water behind me in this photo - you can see clear to the bottom and I'm in maybe 10' or 15' of water - it was surreal.Paula & I have been doing this kayaking/camping trip for a few years now & we always have a blast. This year we added to the fun by bringing Gretchen & Paula's daughter.

We had a great time! Even when the heavens opened and started dumping water on us in torrential amounts. There's nothing quite like camping in the rain!
It really was something else - we plan to go back later in the summer when the water is a little warmer - I totally want to do some swimming in that crystal clear water :)

Great pictures - and it sounds like a great weekend.
the water is beautiful! Sounds like a really good time!
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