Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby Gifts

I never showed you the baby stuff I did
for Kim - who incidently had a healthy baby girl on May 20th.

I love the way the Starwars onsies came out. I especially love that I made them for a girl! I'm such a rebel.
I also made her this. I bought this pattern many eons ago before I ever learned to knit. And it turned out just as beautiful as I new it would. Also... it's stash!!! You would think that would be a good thing but I ran out of white & had to buy more & wound up with two skiens more than I started with.... oh well I tried right?

OMG - so cute! All of it! I got a giggle out of the stash turning into MORE stash thing though. Happens All. The. Time. WHY?!!!
I am not laughing at your stash troubles. Okay, so I am ;o)

Looking good.
what a lucky lil baby! Those onsies rock, and the blanket is beautiful!
I hear ya, its almost impossible to use up stash. At least you tried!
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