Monday, March 09, 2009

Spring is for Babies

How fast can you knit a baby sweater? I can knit one this fast...
I got an invite last week for my brother's best friends' baby shower. Figured the new arrival could use a little knitted love and cast on.

Gotta love EZ - I've made this pattern before - and other than the fact that I forgot that I didn't like the buttonhole situation I love this little thing. So cute and so fast! Now I just need to get it done before the 28th so I can finish the blanket I need for the 5th. The blanket is crochet & half finished so once this is done that will hopefully go pretty quick - but seriously what's with all babies??? Haven't had to knit for a baby in over a year and now I've got two!Sheesh.


It looks kind feather and fan-ish.
i know! Its like all of a sudden all these babies. I haven't knit the baby febuary sweater. But there is a baby sweater I knit in 3 days. (I almost forgot about the shower and wanted to get it done in time!)
whats the buttonhole situation? I do love the soft color that you picked! So sweet!
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