Saturday, November 22, 2008

She Knits???

Figured it's about time to show some knitting. Unbelievably I do still do that. Wouldn't know it from this blog though.

So here's some things that are on needles - the sock edition.

Firestarter socks in STR - bleeding hearts colorway. Love the yarn - love/hate the pattern. The directions for the gusset are kind of sort of unclear. It's one of those that tells you where to put the marker (which I ignored) and then bases the rest of the directions on where the markers are located. I've already done it once & wound up with my cable stitches in the wrong place - I didn't like it so it got ripped - now they're in time out. This is why I usually don't follow the directions for the heel & gusset.

Socks of my own recipe in this wonderful stuff I got at MDS&W last year. Wish I could find the label cuz I'd by more. It's that good.

These are in time out too. I think they're destined to be ripped - the fit sucks. Look at that gathering in the heel - ick. The yarn is Koigu & I think it's just too fat for the pattern as it's written. I've already worked the pattern as is to the toe - but they were WAY to long. I could gift them but I'm to lazy to re-work the numbers to make the lenth work with the awsesome patterning on the bottom.I'd rather just rip 'em out - I think.

one good sock is better than 3 bad socks! Love the green colors, ohh and the orangey ones, and and and the red ones too! *L*
I like the firestarter pattern. I have trouble because I don't use the markers either. Then I have to play around with it to make sure the heel ends up in the right place.
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