Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crack Pages

It always breaks my heart a little when they turn a book into a movie. Thousands and thousands of people are going to miss the experience of a really amazing book because they go see the movie - which inevitably is some awful abomination of the original story. Every single time they transfer pages to screen I'm disappointed but I know that I'll see the movie eventually. However there's no way in hell I'm going without experiencing the book. (I still haven't seen Prince Caspian because I haven't gotten around to reading it yet.) So when I heard that Twilight by Stephanie Meyer was going to the big screen I put my name on the library's waiting list.

I downloaded the book audio book like a month and a half ago - Twilight wasn't anywhere near the top of the to be read list. I finally started the book Saturday. I have to say - first few chapters not really that impressed, what's all the fuss about? Teenage angst - moving to a new school blahblahblah - the narrator being rather blase didn't really help. I kept listening giving it more time to get good - much easier to do in audio than paper - that and I don't have any other audio books downloaded at the moment.

Then all of a sudden - WHAMMO - I can't turn the dam thing off! I've been walking around with headphones on all day - only reason I'm disconnected right now? Cuz the battery on the MP3 player is dead. Book? Still not that good - I mean not really, it's simplistic and the main character is ridiculous, I've definitely read better - but I'm addicted. I can't put the dam thing down! It's like crack - I wouldn't believe it when I started it - but holy cow sneak attack (luv it when that happens!) Now of course I'm screwed - the waiting list for the second book? 40 people. Grrrr...

Remember what Mr Holland said about Louie, Louie?

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