Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Are you kidding me???

Last night between classes I headed over to the campus convenience store to grab a soda.  I get to the counter and the kid scans my snack and my soda, it comes to $2.15.  I hand him a five, half a second later I hand him a quarter.  But he's already put $5 into the machine - no kidding he breaks out the calculator, but that doesn't work. So he tries to switch the screen on the computer to get to the calculator in there.  He fumbles around with it, pushes some buttons, he looks pretty panicked.  Finally I take pity on the kid:
Actual exchange
Me: "it's $3.10"  
Kid:  "what?" 
Me: "my change, it's $3.10"
Kid: "are you sure?"
Are you kidding???  A convenience store - on campus - run by STUDENTS!!!  Holy crap - I need a drink.

All I can think to say is, "Dude...seriously?"
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