Friday, May 02, 2008

Totally Random

I always seem to forget how boring super secret knitting is for blogging. Next week I should be entering the crunch phase so expect a bout of startitis sometime after that.

I'm very excited - blogger just announced scheduled posting! Yea!! I tend to write a couple of posts at the same time anyway so it will be extra cool to not have to get back to the computer to get them posted. Maybe I'll actually post to the blog more than once a week this summer.

I have to return the Ashford this weekend. The amazing woman who let me borrow it for the past year has finally asked for it back. I can't tell you how unbelievably sad this makes me. It isn't even on the list for wheels I'm considering buying so it's weird that I'm so upset to see it go. I suppose you always have a soft spot for your first.

I'm off to Maryland this weekend. It'll just be me & mom this year - so I expect a much slower paced relaxing day. Mom and I both have a very lackadaisical attitude about shopping. I may even take pictures if it doesn't rain. If you see me say Hi!!

Scheduled posting! Can't wait.

Have fun this weekend.
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