Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Karaoke Crochet?

I went out to the bar this weekend for karaoke night. Aside from the
really old hill-billy singing "Baby Got Back" I saw the strangest
thing. Well maybe it wasn't really that strange but it caught me by

I saw a woman crocheting – in the bar. Of course I was completely
without camera to capture the event – not even the craptasic cell
phone camera. I knit in public all the time so I don't know why I
found it so odd to see this woman in the bar crocheting. Maybe because
the lighting in the bar left a lot to be desired; maybe cuz she was
all by herself – if it had been a knit night out or something I'd have
found it less strange (which probably makes me strange); maybe cuz she
was sorta on the stage for the whole bar to see - there's raised level
where the karaoke happens and a few tables – she was at one of those
(I'd have been in a corner with my knitting partially under the

I feel bad I didn't go talk to her – even when I walked right past her
to do my own singing I couldn't bring myself to say hi – which is
weird because I'm never that shy. I'll talk to anybody but for some
reason I just couldn't talk to her. I gotta give her props she sat &
she did her thing & then she got up to sing and kicked butt. It
probably bugged people out when she choose metal over something light.
I gotta say I don't hit the bars very often but when I do it's always
an adventure!

Oh, I definitely fall off my chair if I saw anyone knitting/crocheting in public - it's virtually unheard off down here! [I don't even knit at SnB - just sit there chatting with all the gals!] :)
Make that "I'd definitely fall off my chair..." Damn typos!
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