Friday, May 30, 2008

Foto Friday

Since it was my first week with most of my evenings to myself I took it easy and did next to nothing. Bliss...
I did hit the book store.
I'm something of a book ho - it's worse than the yarn if you can believe that! I'm really trying to get it under control so instead of buying every single book that sounds even a little interesting I take notes and look for them in the library. Or in this case I took pics. And you think knitting in public is weird - try taking a picture of a book with your cell phone. The looks I got.

*LOL* I bet you got some funny looks taking pictures of books with your cell phone! Especially if your phone makes a picture taking sound when it takes a photo! Thanks for the giggle I needed that! : )
I thought I was the only weirdo that took pictures of books in a bookstore with her cell phone. Glad I'm not alone.
I am not responsible for what happens if they let me loose in the book store with money in my pocket (or a mac card!). I have no willpower. I just have to stay away...for now.
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