Friday, May 09, 2008

Foto Friday

Maybe a new feature maybe not. I'm trying to do a project 52 - it's not workin out so well. Maybe if I make it a feature I'll actually do it - like with the spinning. We'll see.

When I go to MDS&W I stay with some friends that live about a hour west of the festival - one hour drive home is way better than three. This year they were away for the weekend but let mom & me stay anyway. This is Gizmo their cat. Who'd been alone for the week prior to our visit.I haven't owned a cat for a while now. I've forgotten how spoiled rotten they can be. This cat had me opening windows and doors. Moving over on the couch to make space for his highness, putting away knitting to leave hands free for petting, and turning on faucets so he could get drinks.
Spoiled brat.

Cat worked you over but good, eh?

You know, you didn't actually HAVE to turn on the faucets. Cats drink just fine from water bowls. ;o)
The cuteness will get ya everytime!
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