Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The amoeba is done. The plan was to have this stuff ready for her due date (the 11th) and bring it to the hospital. Her friends decided to have a shower, I found out on Monday about the shower on Saturday. Nice.
I woulda been able to seam the shoulder and buy a button (I'm only using one at the top) but I wove in ends as I knit. Thought I was doin a good thing. Half the ends are woven in on one side - the other half are woven in on the other side - as in the right side. Brilliant.

My brother mentioned to my mom on the QT that she was disappointed that she didn't get any hand knit stuff for the baby. He told her (Laurie) we probably waited to the last minute & weren't done with whatever we were making. I resent that. I finished three weeks early dammit! Ya can't win.

A certain Mad Housewife mentioned she like to see some shots of the the putting together of the amoeba. Here's the easiest way I could find to explain it.

Find the little cut outs you made for the neck.

Put them together.

If it doesn't look like something you could where put them together the other way. Long ends together vs. short ends together.

That looks more like it.
Fold the sleeves. Sew the shoulders and your done.

Oh, I SEE, I SEE! Thank you so much! This was great! I'm going to go dig mine out of the bag where I tossed it in disgust (after maybe stomping on it a couple of times, too) and see what I can do. Yours looks great, btw! I'm sure they'll love it! Great colors, great striping!
I SEE TOO!! Best pictures yet, actually!
That came out so great and really do love those colors together!
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