Friday, March 14, 2008

The last suprise...

Here's the final shots of the baby surprise. I opted to only do one button at the top - cuz seriously who buttons baby jackets???

I also felt like it looked unfinished - especially on the edges where I carried the colors up. So I put on a reverse single crochet edge (aka crab stitch) .

Considering I hate miles of plain knitting this was a fun knit . For some reason garter stitch is less annoying than stockinette - who knows why - and because you have to pay attention to your numbers it doesn't get too boring. It's huge though - this thing will probably fit her till she's a couple of years old ;)

welcome little Cheyenne - she'll look fab in this jacket (and I agree with you on the buttons - I think one at the top is much better!
Beautiful job and the heart shaped button is the perfect touch!
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