Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Week to spare

Luckily my startitis has been slightly tempered by some finishing. This is Shedair from Knitty. It's too big. Maybe I'll re-name it the cone-head hat a la' SNL

Not sure really weather or not to give it to her. Her birthday is this weekend - I thought I was so good on time till I started debating on making a different hat. It's for my SIL who has a peanut head. Seriously - she wears her daughter's hats. Mom says she can wear it like this. I'm on the fence about whether like it this way.
Opinions? Also - do you know how hard it is to take photos of the top of your own head?

I don't think I'll be crankin out anything else. There's too much other stuff on my plate that I WANT to knit. She either gets this one - big as hell, or she doesn't get a hand knit. She does have a non-knit gift coming too. Whadyathink?

I think mom's right.
Me too - I think it looks great with the brim folded.

Maybe a quick hot water bath to shrink it?? No idea if that would work though.
I like it! And folded is absolutely fine!
Folded is great. And the first picture made me laugh out loud and almost inhale the grape I was chewing... thanks...
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