Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I think I did something seriously wrong.

I have a hard time plying on the hitchhiker so I plied it on the Ashford. The whole time I'm plying I'm thinking - this doesn't really look right. Only an idiot would do the ENTIRE bobbin before she decided to investigate! Hi my name is idiot - it's very nice to meet you. I think maybe I plied it backwards. The entire bobbin... I suck.

Luckily I have cool ass non-knit friends who find me cute little knitting things to make me feel better.

It's got yummy green apple mints in it. However I'm sorely tempted to dump out the mints so we can skip ahead to the stitch marker tin.

well, I've learnt something today - you can ply the wrong way. who'da thunk it!!

Tin is so cute! definitely dump the mints (into your mouth or something else of course!) and use for stitch markers!
I had a tin of those. They have aritificial sweetner. I dumped the mints and now have a lovely (matching yours) tin for holding wonderful handmade stitch markers.


PS - Sorry about the bobbin.
Don't feel bad I've done that before too just remember it's a learning experience. As for plying on the hitchhiker I used a seperate lazy kate and if you don't have that bowls work really well too. You put a bowl on either side of you and then but the one bobbin in bowl and the other one in the next bowl and it works really well.

Love that tin!
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