Friday, January 18, 2008


The startitis is kickin my butt. Meet the multi-directional scarf.

Any of you who may have been here a while may be a little shocked. I'm knitting a scarf.... and loving it. Here's hopin the love keeps going till I get to the other end.

Yeah, I cast on something new today, too. It's January.

The scarf's looking well. I knit one a couple of years ago and the multidirectional facet made it not boring.
Is this the scarf that you and Megan were so diligently trying to use your math skills with? Did you finally figure it out, so that it's neither a necktie nor a shawl?
Well it is then new year so I think it's perfectly fine to start a new project or twor or three.

Love the color of your scarf!
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