Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I'm Back!!

Did you miss me??? Probably not cuz I think I forgot to tell you I was going to take a holiday break. I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday. Mine was lovely. I got to spend three days of my vacation in my pajamas snuggled up with a book (or four). Pajama days are one of my very favoritest things - having three of them in the same week was fabulously indulgent (please don't hate me cuz I'm lazy.)

The Christmas knits were well received. Dad's mitts couldn't have fit better if I'd had his hands for measurements. Please ignore the little string hanging out of the pinky finger - gloves have many many ends, guess I missed one. Mom's sleep warmers were also a big hit & fit perfect. They were a double success cuz she's not having 3am Charley horses anymore. She's already making suggestions for sleep warmers part 2.
Aunt Sheryl loved her shawl - I didn't take better pictures - I couldn't muster the effort after the 5 course meal. She took it out of the box put it on and ran into the other room hollering "lookitlookitwhatJodymademeisn'titwonderful!" She didn't take it off for the rest of the night. Her reaction was perfect for getting a hand knit gift and it filled me up with the warm fuzzies - I suppose he fuzzies coulda been from the wine - but her reaction still rocked!

I can't believe I've written this much and have completely forgotten to wish you a happy new year - what a dunce.


I'm a big fan of resolutions - I make them, break them, make new ones, resurrect old ones. This year I'm going to make a few knitting related ones. Maybe you guys can help me keep them.

1. Knit for ME!!! Considering how selfish I am I have very little knitting to show for all the knitting I do. It's starting to get on my nerves so I must fix that. Either that or bribe people to knit for me while I knit for them - I wonder if that would work?

2. Spin more - I may buy a second wheel to facilitate this one. I haven't decided yet.

3. Pay more attention to the blog - and cease to feel guilty when I don't. You guys still love me even when I go MIA right???

4. Knit from my hand spun. I have this opinion that my hand spun sucks so it gets banished. But it probably doesn't suck - I really should knit with it and find out.

I think that's enough now. Don't want to bite off more than I can chew.

Nicely done. And blue!
Sounds like you had a great holiday and your gifts were well recieved. Love those sleep warmers!

I always break my resolutions too. You should really knit with your handspun. I think you'll find you like after you make somthing with it. Happy (belated) New Year!
There's nothing better than warm fuzzies! Thank you for giving me some, btw - love my new song! Happy New Year!
Love your dad's modelling of the gloves!! So good to have your knitting gifts so well-received.

Agree with you on the resolutions - you don't want too many do you!!
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