Monday, January 07, 2008

Good Intentions

I was gonna really I was. I had every intention of blogging on a regimented MWF schedule. I even took my little camera to work on Friday and took some pictures of the Shedir hat in the daylight. I sat down to do my post and then spent the next hair yanking hour looking for the camera cord to download the pictures. You would think the cord would be lying unused and dusty where I left it - in the big honking pile of USB cables that sits by the computer. I mean no one uses the little camera anymore - not since I got my new one in September. And realistically where else are you going to need the USB cable except at the flippin computer. It's not like it's long enough to play jump rope. I don't want to drag my other (much bigger) camera to work when the little one fits so nicely in my purse. And it's such a project to take pictures when I get home at night. It's dark and the lighting in my house sucks, and the flash on my big camera has the power of a thousand suns and washes out ever bloody detail there ever was, so I have to take out the tripod and do a ssssllllloooooowwww shutter and then the pics still have to be photoshoped anyway cuz you still can't really see the details. All that drama would be negated if I could just snap a quick pic with the point and shoot outside in the pretty bright sunshine - but noooooo my house at the dam cord.... again.

::deep breath::

I think I may need some wine to go with my whining.

just keep breathing
your posts always make me smile ;)
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