Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Smile Please

For the record I'm not having fun - and thank God I'm a sock knitter cuz if I wasn't I'd be a total disaster right now. I goofed & my stitch count is all wrong -I've totally got to wing the whole foot - not like I ever follow the heel/foot directions anyway.

I'm just about done with the stocking - a bit more on the foot and then the really fun part... lining it - blech. No time to procrastinate about it though. Need to put this puppy in the mail ASAP! I want my Godson's mom to fill this baby up for Christmas morning. She is gonna hate me... it's huge! After my first not so stellar attempt at stranding the name I decided to duplicate stitch it. Came out much better except in some places. How come some stitches are determined to let the white show and others do fine and let the green sit on top. Example check out how full the "M" looks in comparison to the "E" WTF?!?! Am I doing it wrong?
The pattern called for me to do his mustache in angora and the beard in plan wool. Why? I decided that Santa's beard needed to be as fuzzy as his mustache so I picked up some other fuzzy type yarn in white white to do the beard. I'm not super pleased with how it came out - the mustache sorta looks dirty. It's to late to do anything about - Mom thinks if I duplicate stitch a mouth it will be less noticeable - did you notice that Santa doesn't have a mouth? Not in the pattern either - I'm gonna have to wing it. Hopefully I'll get a smile and not some scary grimace instead.

Oh, my goodness - that is soooo cute! She's going to love it!
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