Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rip it some more

**Edited to add photos

I'm currently at Megan's twiddling my thumbs while she's on the phone with her mom. So I figured I'd steal the laptop and and do a quickie update.

The Christmas stocking is progressing. I finished Santa's face (have I even told you what the finished product will look like?) Anyway it's a big Santa face - that had to be completely ripped out and done over. My mom had this really great idea to use needlepoint wool for the small bits to save money. Why buy a big hank when you only need a couple of yards. Really great plan for the small bits but I underestimated the size of Santa's head and needlepoint yarn is cut to 1 yard lengths. Let me just say it was a disaster (don't worry I have pictures - I'll put them up when I get home later). Anyway Santa got ripped and re-knit - for those keeping count that would be the third ripping of this stocking so far.

And while we're talking about ripping things - guess what I did this weekend. I cleaned my room (a very rare occurrence to be sure) - which involves finding homes for all the various knitting paraphernalia laying about. While I was finding homes for things I made some decisions. I decided that life is short... I ripped out all the projects that have been languishing in the WIP basket. A sweater, two pairs of socks, two shawls, a scarf, a baby sweater, and half a blanket. It was possibly the most liberating thing ever! Now I just have to fight the urge to cast on a bunch more projects.

I was going to say I'm glad someone else out there has more WIPS/UFOs than me...except of course now you don't!

I admire your courage in ripping...sometimes I wish I could emulate it!
wow, i was on the phone that long?? or maybe you just typed any case, i still think it would have been easier if you just used magic marker on a tube sock to make the stocking :)
Wow, all of that ripping must have been contagious. I found a mistke in my Stóra Dimun last night. The plan is to pick up the stitches below the error (a missed freakin' yarn over), drop the problem area, and reknit on dpns back up to the shawl's circular. I'll either be successful or a basketcase. One of the two.
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